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Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems (APJIS) is published by the Korea Society of Management Information Systems (KMIS), which is the largest professional institute in the field of information systems in Korea. KMIS (http://www.kmis.or.kr) has been publishing the APJIS since the year 1990 and has successfully made it a flagship journal in the information systems field in Korea. KMIS has renamed the journal APJIS (its previous name was the Journal of MIS Research) since the spring issue of 2009 (Vol. 19, No. 1) with the goal of establishing it as the best regional journal.


Asia Pacific regions include many IT-strong countries such as Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China and India. Managerial and contextual issues related to information systems in this region can be quite different from those of countries in other regions. We strongly feel that a professional journal is necessary to deal with these unique issues related to management of information systems in the Asia Pacific region. APJIS is meant to fill this gap. APJIS mainly publishes research work using empirical methods, giving priority to (but not limited to) manuscripts dealing with the unique features of managing information systems in the Asia Pacific region.



Editorial Statement of Purpose


The Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems is the premier journal on information systems (IS) research in the Asia Pacific regions. The journal seeks to advance knowledge about the effective and efficient utilization of information technology by individuals, groups, organizations, society, and nations for the improvement of economic and social welfare. The journal is receptive to a wide variety of topics related to the design, management, use, valuation, and impacts of information technologies at different levels of analysis (i.e., individuals, groups, firms, networks, societies, and nations). The journal especially welcomes studies specializing in Asia Pacific regional issues that affect the application and success factors of IS.